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Where to get it

  1. Where can I get a copy of the Puzzlerazzi app? - To download a copy, click on the Download on the App Store icon or visit the App Store on your device and search for "Puzzlerazzi".  Puzzlerazzi download on the App Store
  2. How do I find Puzzlerazzi in the App Store when using my iPad? - Although compatible with an iPad, Puzzlerazzi is optimized for the iPhone so you will not find it on the App Store using your iPad unless you search for "Puzzlerazzi" using the "iPhone Only" filter. The "iPhone Only" filter is found by clicking on the "iPad Only" filter that is seen along the top of the screen after searching for the app by name as shown on the screenshot below. Change this filter to "iPhone Only" and search again for "Puzzlerazzi".

 iPhone Only image





Game Play

  1. How do I upload a photo to turn it into a puzzle? - You can ‘Browse Library’ for stock photos, ‘Browse Photos’ to choose a photo from your own camera roll, or hit ‘Random’ and we’ll choose one of your photos for you.
  2. Can I move the background? Yes - place two fingers on the screen to move the background. Place one finger on the screen to move puzzle pieces only.
  3. How do I open the menu? - To open the options menu, double tap on the screen.
  4. How do I close the menu? - To close the options menu, double tap the screen.
  5. What is the purpose of the yellow puzzle piece icon? - This is the ‘Edge pieces only’ icon. When you select this icon, only edge pieces will appear on the screen. This allows you to build the frame first which is helpful when starting a bigger puzzle. Tap the icon to return all puzzle pieces to the screen.